Creating E-Learning Content

You can create e-learning course and add them in the Panorama account.

To create e-learning course, perform the following steps:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Content.

2.The All Content page appears. Click Add Content.

3.The Add Content page appears. The list of different content appears, click Add e-learning.

4. Enter the title in Enter a title for your e-learning and click Save.

7. The Add Section page appears. Enter the name of the section in Section Name and select the release date from Release Date calendar if needed. Click Add to add the section.

8. Click Add Lesson. The Add Lesson page appears. Enter the name of the lesson in Lesson Name and select the required options to select the lesson open to from the Open To drop-down list. Click Add.

9. Click Add Page. The Create a Page appears with the type of pages available.

10. Enter the details for the selected page type and click Save.

11. Click Publish and then click Release to save the changes and release the e-learning.

Click Preview e-learning to preview the certificate.

Mandatory Settings for E-Learning

You need to make the mandatory settings for the e-learning content. Without these settings, the e-learning course would not work as intended.

Once the e-learning content is added, perform the following settings:

1.From the Content list and go to the e-learning that you had created and click Actions and then click Edit.

2.Hove over left bar menu and click Settings and then click Design & Display. The Manage e-learning page appears. Enter the SKU details and click Save.

3.Hover over the left bar menu and click Catalog. From the Custom Fields drop-down list, select Course Code and click Next Step.

4.In the Type to Search box, enter the same SKU name that you have added in the previous step. You should provide the same name that you have given for the SKU and click Save.

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