Creating Collections

You can offer multiple courses under a single price tag, you can create a course collection for your learners. Course collections (otherwise referred to as bundles) are a great way to package content and/or products to be sold together for one package price.
To create a collection, perform the following steps:
1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Ecommerce and then click Ecommerce Items. The eCommerce page appears. Click Add Ecommerce Item.
2.Click Add Collection.
Add Collection
3.The Collection details page appears. You need to enter the following details as mentioned in the below table:
Collection Name
Enter the name of the collection
Short Description
Enter the short description for the collection
Long Description
Enter the long description for the collection
Enter the price for the collection
Suggested Retail Price
Enter the suggested retail price for the collection
Enable Bulk Purchasing
Toggle Yes/No button to enable bulk purchasing. You can set price for different tiers
Instructor Messaging Included
Toggle Yes/No button to enable instructor messaging
Enter the SKU. SKU should be sum of SKU's of Contents. For example, If content #1 is LFS258 and content #2 is CKA then SKU of the Collection should be LFS258+CKA
You can search for the tag and select the required tag for the selection
Custom Field
Select the required custom field
Meta Title
Enter the meta title for the collection
Meta Description
Enter the meta description for the collection
Enter the confirmation text that can be displayed after the purchase of the collection
You can upload the image that needs to be displayed as the collection image
You can select the required ribbon
Select the required contents that needs to be added in the collection
Select Products
Physically Shipped
Toggle Yes/No button to enable physical shipment
Available for Purchase
Toggle Yes/No button to enable whether contents are available for purchase
Show in Content Catalog
Toggle Yes/No button to enable content catalog
Collection Type
Select Collection from the list. This is a mandatory field that needs to be selected. If this field is not selected, then the collection will not be a valid collection
4.Click Save after providing all the details as explained in the above table.
The new collection is created.
For more information on how to create a Collection, click TI Knowledge Center.