Creating a Certification

Certifications are created and added in LMS portal of Thought Industries.

Follow the given below instructions on how to create certifications:

1. Login to Thought Industries LMS using Administrator credentials.

2. Click the Manager Access link available at the upper right corner.

3. On the Manager Access dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Content.

4. The All Content page appears. Click Add Content.

5. The Add Content page appears. This page lists all the available content such as Course, Blog, Video, Event, Article and others. Click Add Certification.

6. Enter the title of the certification in Enter a title for your certification field and click Save.

7. The Add Section page appears. Enter the name of the section in Section Name and select the release date from Release Date calendar. Click Add to add the section.

8. Click Add Lesson. The Add Lesson page appears. Enter the name of the lesson in Lesson Name and select the required options to select the lesson from the Open To drop-down list. Click Add.

9. Click Add Page. The Create a Page appears with the type of pages available. Click HTML Embed.

10. The HTML Embed page appears. Provide the page title in Page Title. Enter the below iframe code under Scripts and click Save.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600px" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

11. Click Publish and then click Release to save the changes and release the certification.

Click Preview Certification to preview the certificate.


Once the certification is created and published, the next step is to configure this certification with its pricing, discounts and coupons. For more information on this, please see Ecommerce.

Settings Tab

Some additional settings for catalog, design and display, access, eCommerce, completion and certification, downloadable files, testimonials and mange are carried out under Settings tab. For more information on Settings tab, please see Settings Tab.


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