Creating a ILT Course

ILT (Instructor-led Training) is supported in the Thought Industries platform. This content type is perfect for when you want to incorporate in-person events with your e-Learning offerings. You can add sessions, instructors, and locations for each event, as well as manage attendance.

To create a ILT course, perform the following steps:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Content.

2.The All Content page appears. Click Add Content.

3.The Add Content page appears. The list of different content appears, click Instructor-Led.

4.The Add Content page appears. Enter the following details as explained in the below table and click Save to create a ILT course.




Specify the title for the ILT course.

Enable pre/post learning?

Make sure to toggle this button to NO.

Meeting Title

Provide the title for the meeting session.

Meeting Date & Time

Select the start date and end date


Select the required meeting location from the list. You can also add a new location by clicking the Add a Location button.


Enter the instructor for the course.

Attendee Info

Provide any instructions to the course attendees.

You can click the + Add a Meeting Date & Time button if you want to create different sessions for the ILT course.

5.Click Release to save the changes and release the ILT course.

Click Preview Instructor-Led to preview the ILT course.

6. A review dialog box appears. You can review the ILT related details. You can also update any changes if required. After reviewing the details, click Save and Release.


Once the certification is created and published, the next step is to configure this certification with its pricing, discounts and coupons. For more information on this, please see Ecommerce.

Settings Tab

Some additional settings for catalog, design and display, access, eCommerce, completion and certification, downloadable files, testimonials and mange are carried out under Settings tab. For more information on Settings tab, please see Settings Tab.

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