Adding Learners

You have to send the registration code and redemption code to the Panorama Manager who will then share these codes with their learners. Learners have to redeem these codes to get associated with the Panorama account.

You should also share the URL with the learner to redeem their code. The URL is:

You have to manually share these codes in an email to the Panorama Manager.

Invite Learners or Bulk import is not supported and it is not available to use for this release.

How to Associate Learner to a Panorama Account

If a learner faces any issues or difficulties in redeeming their redemption code or registration code, you can assist the learner by associating them to the concerned Panorama account.

This task should be carried out by you only when the learner has issue and there is a request to associate the learner to the Panorama account.

To associate a learner to the Panorama account, perform the following steps:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Users.

2.The Learners page appears with the list of learners. Go to the required learner and click Manage.

3.The User details page appears. Hover over the left side bar menu and click Access.

4.The Access page appears. Navigate to the bottom of the page. From Panorama and Sublicense, search for the Panorama account that you want to associate the learner with. Select the license and click Save. The learner will be associated and added in the Panorama account.

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