Adding Content in Panorama Account

You can add and assign different content in Panorama account. You have various type of contents such as e-learning, Instructor Led Training (ILT), Certification and many more other contents that can be added and associated with the Panorama account.

To associate a content with Panorama account, perform the following instructions:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Panorama.

2.The Panorama page appears with list of Panorama account. Go to the required Panorama account, click Actions and then click Edit.

3.The selected Panorama Client appears. Click Content from the left bar menu.

4.The Content page appears. Click Manage Content.

5.The Access page appears. In the Access Settings, point the mouse cursor in the Content. The content list appears, select the required content and click Save. The content will be added in the Panorama account.

Production-ready and Work in progress (WIP) courses are located in the same place, and also visible in the Panorama Content field. You should not add WIP courses to a Panorama. You have to always double-check with Instructional Design team on such courses.

You can also assign the content by using Content Tags. There is a tag called live tag. The live tag is added to all courses that are production-ready. You can assign this tag to the Panorama account.

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