Creating a Panorama Account


Panorama is platform functionality designed to streamline, create and manage multiple online courses from a single interface. It allows you to create multiple groups in the organizations and lets you to assign the required courses for the different groups using single interface called Panorama.

Some of the features of Panorama account are:

  • Create branded learning environments: Provide groups, departments, partners, or B2B partners and clients with uniquely branded and dedicated learning environments.

  • License content to customers or groups: Whether selling courses and content a la carte or through subscriptions, take advantage of a variety of monetization options.

  • Manage, distribute, and update content easily: Manage an entire repository of content from a single location to easily update 'parent' courses and have changes affect 'child' courses.

  • Provision access multiple ways: Take advantage of a number of ways to provision content access through single sign-on, registration codes, and more.

For more information on Panorama Account, click here.

Creating a Panorama Account

This section provides the instructions on how to create a new Panorama account using Panorama template.

You should not create a new Panorama account from scratch. You should always use Panorama Template to create or clone the Panorama account.

For SCORM Panorama accounts, you need to create them by scratch.

Follow the given below instructions on how to create a Panorama account using Panorama template:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Panorama.

2.The Panorama page appears with list of Panorama account. Go to the Panorama Template, click Actions and then click Edit.

3.Hover over the left side bar menu and click Settings.

4.Click Copy under Settings menu from the left side bar.

5.The Clone page appears. Enter the Name of the Panorama. The required Path is auto-populated when you enter the Name of the Panorama. Click Copy to clone Panorama account.

Make sure to update the SKU with the SFDC Client Account ID. To update this go the Panorama, click Settings and then click Primary. Under Primary Settings page, you can update the SKU.

You need to refresh the browser to see the newly created Panorama in the list.

Deleting the Panorama Account

To delete the Panorama account, perform the following steps:

Be careful before deleting the Panorama account. Once it is deleted, you don not have option to recover the account

1.Go to the required Panorama account and click Actions and then click Edit.

2.The Welcome page appears. Hover over the left bar menu and click Settings.

3.Click Copy under Settings menu from the left side bar. The Primary Settings page appears. Click the Delete This Panorama button at the bottom of the page. The Panorama account is deleted.

You can also disable an account temporarily by clicking the Disable This Panorama button.

If a Panorama is disabled then all users in that Panorama will also get disabled. We recommend, deleting Sublicense instead of deleting/disabling the whole Panorama.

Panorama Design

You have the option to change the design of the Panorama account. You can modify the dashboard, landing page, branding, font, and email settings.

  • Go to the Panorama list. Click Manage and then click Design to update the design changes.

  • To make changes and update the design of the dashboard, from the Panorama list, go to the required Panorama and click Manage and Edit. Click Design and under the Dashboard & Landing section you can make the changes related to the Dashboard and Landing Page.

  • Dashboard design layout and Landing page provides you with the option to add various Widgets, such as:

    • Dashboard Stats

    • Learner Access

    • Badges & Leaderboard

    • Hero Image

    • Catalog

    • Standard Layout

    • Recently Viewed

    • About Blocks

    • Contact Blocks

    • Testimonials

    • Descriptive Layout

    • Hero Image Slider

    • Featured Content Carousel

    • Image Overlay Tiles

    • Link List

    • Navigation Bar

    • Search Bar

    • Communities

    • Video

    • Title & Subsection

    • Single Column

    • Two Column

    • Three Column

    • Four Column

    • Banner Ad

    • Horizontal Rule

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