Meeting Management
PCC allows you to setup and manage meetings. You can schedule recurring and non recurring meetings among the teams. Meeting Management also allows you to view past meeting recordings, transcript copies of the meetings and also provides the option to share the recording with other team members. PCC also provides a wizard that provides you high level details related to the meetings.

Meeting Management Wizard

The Meeting Management widget provides you the following details:
  • Total number of past meetings to date
  • Total number of participants in the meeting
  • Average attendance of the meeting
  • Participants invited to the recurring meetings
Meeting Management Wizard


You can view the meetings either in List View or in Calendar View. List view provides list of meetings that are scheduled and the Calendar view shows the scheduled meetings in a calendar.
Meeting View

Scheduling a Meeting

Meeting Management allows you to schedule a recurring or a non recurring meetings. You can schedule a meeting and add participants belonging to various committees. You can also invite a private induvial who does not belong to any community.
To schedule a meeting, perform the following:
1.Login into PCC.
2.Search for the required project. The Project dashboard appears. Click Meeting Management from the IT SERVICES STATUS tab.
You can also navigate to Meeting Management from the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu. Click IT Services and then select Meeting Management.
Meeting Management
3.Click +Add Recurring Meeting if you want to add recurring meeting or + Add Non-Recurring Meeting if you want to schedule non recurring meeting.
Add Meeting
4.The Schedule Meeting page appears. Update the following details and click Next: Add Participants.
Enter Meeting Title
Enter the name of meeting
Meeting Details
Select the date and time for the meeting to be scheduled
Frequency of the meeting
Select the required frequency of the meeting. Note: If you are scheduling a non recurring meeting, you need to select Does Not Repeat.
Meeting Visibility
By default, all meetings will be private. If you want to make the meeting public, you need to select the Make Meeting Public.
Meeting Description
Provide the description on the meeting
Invite Committee Members
Select the required committee for which the meeting is scheduled
Recording and Transcription
Select the recording visibility. You can either set the visibility of the meeting as Private or Public. Select the transcript visibility. You can either set the visibility of the transcription as Private or Public.
Scheduling a Meeting
5.The Manage Participant page appears with list of committee members. The list provides details such as name of the member, job title of the member, organization to which the member belongs, role of the member, voting status.
Click Schedule Meeting to complete the meeting schedule.
You can also invite a member who does not belong to the committee. Click + Add New Invite. Enter the details such as name, company , email ID and job title of the participant and click Add Meeting Participant. You can also add yourself to the meeting by clicking the + Add yourself to the meeting. You can remove the participant by click of delete
Manage Participant
In the Meeting list, Host Key will be a blank field until the time is one hour or less from the start of the meeting. When the meeting is less than than one hour from the scheduled time, the host key will appear in the Host Key row for the given meeting and the user can see/copy the value to add it into the Zoom to claim the host. This Host Key is only valid for the next occurrence of the meeting.
Host Key
When the meeting is within one hour of the scheduled time, the Host Key appears as a masked key. You can click the
icon to see the host copy and click the
icon to copy the host key.
Host Key

Past Meetings

Past Meetings tab provides the list of meetings that were scheduled in the past. The list provides details such as meeting title, meeting date, number of attendees, recording and transcript of the meeting.
You can share the recording and transcript of the meeting with the required members. This feature will be available in the upcoming releases.
Past Meetings
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