Purchase a Lifetime Email Alias
You can purchase a lifetime email alias if you are an active Individual Supporter. For more information on Individual Supporter, please see Individual Supporter and Individual Supporter FAQs web pages.
1. To purchase the email alias, login to and click on the Purchase Email CTA button on the Email section.
2. If you are enrolled in the Individual Supporter program, you will be navigated to the Lifetime Email Alias Add-On form, Contact Details page. If you're not an individual supporter, you need to enroll in program before you can purchase email alias.
3. Once you have complete the transaction, go back to your account on My Profile Dashboard and click on the settings icon
to request the alias and add the forwarding email address.
You can request any email address, but issuance is subject to availability.
Emails sent to the email alias will be sent to the forwarding email address you specify. They will not be sent to the email alias.
NOTE: Edit subpage will be accessible in the sidebar navigation after you purchase the alias email.
On the Edit Email Service subpage, enter the email that you would like to request in the Email Alias field. In the Forward To field enter the email where you would to receive the emails that will be sent to your email. Click on Save CTA after entering all the details and Back to Profile CTA to return to the dashboard.
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