PCC Dashboard

PCC has a dashboard that provides you with the list of projects that are available in Linux Foundation. You can see the affiliated projects under MY PROJECTS tab. You can all also view all the project details in All PROJECTS tab.

This dashboard provides details such as:

  • Number of sub projects in the main project

  • Details of the sub project

  • Stage or the status of the project

The following icons are available on the dashboard:

To access PCC dashboard and its services, you need to login into PCC using your LF SSO account. As you login into the PCC, the Dashboard appears.

The Show archived projects toggle button allows you to show or hide the archived projects from the list.

MY PROJECTS tab provides you the list of projects which are affiliated with you or your organization.

In case, if you don not see the projects that are managed by you, you can create a ticket for this.

To create a support ticket, perform the following steps:

1.Click Get Help and select Support.

2.You will be navigated to the LFX Support page. You have to enter the relevant details and click Create to submit your support request.

All Projects lists all the projects that are created irrespective of who has created them.

You can search for the required project using the search tabs available on right top of the dashboard as well as on the left menu bar.

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