PCC allows you to set up the Zoom account which can be used to setup a meeting and can be used as a chat application.

To setup a Zoom account for a meeting, perform the following:

2. Search for the required project. The Project dashboard appears. Click Meetings from the IT SERVICES STATUS tab.

You can also navigate to Meetings from the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu. Click IT Services and then select Meetings.

3.The Zoom page appears. Click the Add Zoom Account button to add a Zoom account.

4.The Add Zoom Account dialog box appears. Enter the Account Name, Project Email Alias or Custom Email Address / Email Alias and click Add.

5.To create a New Project Email Alias, click Create New. The Create New dialog box appears. Enter the Alias name and provide the Recipients details. To add more recipients, click Add Recipient. Click Add to create an new Project Email Alias.

After successful setup of the account, the account will be listed under Account Name along with the Host(s) Email ID.

To edit the existing Zoom account, click the edit icon and update the changes.

To delete the existing Zoom account, click the delete icon. A confirmation message appears, click Yes to delete the Zoom account.

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