Enabling Email Forwarding

Enabling Email Forwarding

After setting up the domain for a project, you can setup the email services for the project. The email forwarding services will allows you to enable email service and add recipients emails.

You need to have a Primary Domains setup for the project in order to enable Email Forwarding service.

To enable email forwarding, perform the following:

2. Search for the required project. The Project dashboard appears. Click Email Forwarding from the IT SERVICES STATUS tab.

You can also navigate to Email Forwarding from the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu. Click IT Services and then select Email Forwarding.

3.The Email Forwarding page appears. Click Enable to enable the email forwarding service.

You can add the email recipients after enabling the email forwarding service. Adding email recipients allows the users to use project domain specific email service. Using domain specific email service will help to have more secured email exchanges among the users associated with the project.

To add email recipients, perform the following:

1.After enabling the email forwarding service, the Email Forwarding page appears. Click + Add Forward.

2.The Add Email Forwarding dialog box appears. Enter the Alias name. Click Add Recipient and enter the email ID and click Add.

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