Manage Organization

Only organization administrators can edit and update organization information. You are entitled as organization administrators if you are:

  • Added by another administrator

  • Primary contact for the organization

  • The first CLA Manager assigned when the company was created (if no other organization administrator exists)

Organization Profile displays the following sections:

Organization Profile Header

This section shows organization name, logo, and last updated time and date.

To Edit Organization Information:

Note: Only organization administrators can edit organization information.

2. Update or edit logo, name, and website of an organization, and click Save.

Note: Only SVG files are accepted for company logo.

Team Member Roles - Services

This section shows a table that lists your team members— their profile photos, names, email addresses, and their roles with project groups and projects they are associated with. If a member has more than one role, click View More Roles to know about the other roles the member is assigned with. CLA roles are displayed automatically as per the organization profile information.

Only company administrators can submit a ticket requesting for a change in team member role. Clicking Submit a Support Ticket under Request a change to submit a ticket requesting to change the CLA role.

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