Manage Non Inclusive Naming

Adding Non Inclusive Words

You can add the words which depict people unfairly in an insulting manner and exclude people based on their ethnicity, gender or color. LFX will scan for these non inclusive words in the code. You refer Non Inclusive Language section for more information.

To add non inclusive words, perform the following steps:

1.Login into PCC.

2. Search for the required project. The Project dashboard appears. Click Security from the TOOLS STATUS tab.

You can also navigate to Security from the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu. Click Tools and then select Security.

3.The Security page appears. From the Manage Inclusive Naming tab, click Proceed.

4.Enter the non inclusive word in the Add word box and click +Add. The added non inclusive words are listed under NON-INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE.

Deleting Non Inclusive Words

To delete a non inclusive word, perform the following steps:

2. The Delete Keyword dialog box appears. Click Delete to confirm the deletion of the word.

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