Release Notes

The LFX v2.0.0 release delivers new features and changes for the LFX EasyCLA tool, including support for the following platforms:

  • LFX Corporate CLA Console for corporate contributors

  • New options for contributors in Contributor Console

  • LFX Project Control Center for project managers

For additional details, including improved user workflows and interfaces for the new EasyCLA release, see the EasyCLA documentation.

What's New in LFX v2.0

The following new major features are included in the v2 release.

EasyCLA Corporate Console

The Linux Foundation introduces a new platform for corporate contributors to sign CLAs and manage the entire CLA process for their companies.

LFX Project Control Center

The Linux Foundation introduces a new platform for project managers to add/manage CLA groups, repositories, enforce CLA process, view who have signed CLA, who are the approved contributors, and perform many more activities for the projects they have permission to manage. The LFX Project Control Center is also referred to project console.

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