The Organization Dashboard provides a powerful dashboard to the companies or organizations that assists you to envision a complex data into a easy to read and meaningful data. The Organization Dashboard enables you to gather, combine, and organize key project data from a single console. The Organization Dashboard provides dashboards, charts, and widgets which will analyze and displays Key Performance Indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points related to the management of your projects.

Some of the key benefits of using Organization Dashboard are listed in the following list:

  • Manage critical and complex projects from a single console.

  • Visually interactive graphs and charts with a consistent UI across all the dashboards.

  • Consolidate the critical information scattered across the organization at your fingertip.

  • Highly customizable dashboard that allows you to quickly access the required information instantly.

  • Provides you with the assessments on how the organization is doing across various different projects.

  • Provides the required information to the stakeholders without too much of unnecessary confusions.

  • A user-friendly UI which allows the user to grasp the required information with great ease.

  • Provides various widgets that allows you to quickly get the information on the top performing indicators.

Organization Dashboard provides various components that allows you to manage your organization in a much efficient way. Along with managing your organizations, it also provides information on various global level statistics. It also assists you to manage your teams and manage organization profile.

The following components are available in the Organization Dashboard console:

  • My Organization - My Organization provides you various options to manage your organization. My Organization is used to manage the following:

    • Manage your KPI's using a powerful dashboard.

    • Manage your organization memberships.

    • Manage training and certifications.

  • Projects - Projects provides you with summary of information related to a specific foundation or project.

  • Global Statistics - Global Statistics provides you global reports related to events, training and certifications across all organizations.

  • Manage Teams - Managing Team allows you to manage your team with respect to your project as well as managing global teams.

  • Organization Profile - Organization Profile allows you to update details related to your organization.

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