Membership Summary

Membership summary provides detailed insights related to the membership available with your organization. Organizations can enroll and avail various membership that are provided by various open source projects.

Open source projects offers various membership programs to the organization. Each membership programs provides different benefits to the organization. Linux Foundation offers three type of membership for the organization. The three type of membership programs offered by Linux Foundation are:

Membership offers various benefits to the organization. Some of the main benefits of purchasing the membership are:

  • Provides a platform to publish and present your technical article in the open source platform which has millions of users.

  • Organizations can avail discounts on:

    • Trainings and certifications

    • Registration to the open source events

  • Organization receives invitation to attend and participate in various summits organized by open source projects.

  • Organization can participate in various meetings which will help your organization to collaborate, discuss, consult and plan for the upcoming projects.

  • Organization receives various promotional benefits such as webinars, events featured in open source projects and many other benefits.

To access your Membership Summary, perform the following steps:

2.On the vertical sidebar navigation menu, in the Search box enter your company or organization name. By default, the dashboard page appears. Click the Membership Summary menu available on the Vertical Sidebar navigation menu.

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