The Benefits page provides detailed benefits associated with the membership. There are various benefits companies can avail when they purchase the membership for a particular project. Membership will help the companies to participate in various events, discussions, meetings, trainings and discounts.

Following are list of benefits for membership:

Each benefit category has different sub-categorized list of benefits under them. Each of the benefit has:

  • Type of benefit - The benefit may be in the form of discount, promotion, meeting.

  • Short description - Which provides you the information on what type of benefit is it.

  • A link How to claim the benefit - Use this link to understand how you can avail the discount. It provides you either a email link to contact or an information that provides you with the details such as a particular team will contact you for more information.

  • Complete selection box - You should select this once you have availed the benefit. As and when you keep on completing the benefits, the chart will show the percentage of benefits available. There is also an indicator bar available on top which also shows you the percentage of benefits available.

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