The EasyCLA Corporate Console dashboard shows the aggregate data of all the projects that use LFX EasyCLA.

EasyCLA Statistics

  • PROJECTS USING EASYCLA shows the total number of projects that are using EasyCLA.

  • CLA SIGNED shows the total number of Contributor License Agreements — ICLAs (Individual CLAs) and CCLAs (Corporate CLAs) — signed by all contributors to Linux Foundation projects using EasyCLA.

  • TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS shows the total number of contributors to projects using EasyCLA, including individual contributors under ICLAs and companies' approved contributors under CCLAs.

  • REPOSITORIES USING EASYCLA shows total number of Git repositories that are enabled for CLA checks using EasyCLA.

Projects using EasyCLA

From the dashboard, you can choose the project for which you want to sign a CCLA or manage your company's contributors as a CLA Manager.

Navigate to a project, or type a project name in the search box and press Enter to search for the project. Note that some projects are nested within parent projects or foundations, so you may need to click through the parent to see a list of its children.

Click a project to navigate to the CLA Corporate Console details page for that project. For more information about per-project details, see Projects.

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