Exam User Interface (Performance Based Exams)
For performance Based Exams hosted on PSI Bridge Proctoring Platform
The Exam User Interface for Performance Based Exams is composed of two main areas:
  • Exam Console Functions
  • Remote Desktop (Virtual Machine)

Remote Desktop

Linux Foundation ExamUI
The remote desktop is configured with all the tools and software needed to complete the tasks. This includes:
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Firefox browser to access "Resources Allowed"
  • Virtual Keyboard

Guidelines and Tips for using the Remote Desktop

  • The ExamUI Tour will commence when the exam is first released to the candidate. The exam timer will not begin until the tour ends (either when the candidate watches the complete tour, or when the candidate clicks on the "Hide" option)
  • A virtual keyboard is provided on the remote desktop in the event of special characters not functioning correctly on some international keyboards.
  • The candidate can click on "Reset Desktop" in the event of any technical issues loading the remote desktop.
  • The timer bar indicates the testing time remaining (in minutes). A visible alert will be presented at 30mins, 15mins and 5mins remaining.
  • There are 2 tabs presented as default on the remote desktop. The "ReadMe" tab includes important instructions regarding the exam environment. The Remote Desktop tab contains the workstation configured with the necessary applications and tools.
  • The exam can be ended, by clicking on "End Exam" - this will close the ExamUI and the candidate will be prompted to "End Proctoring Session" to close out their exam session.
  • The Terminal Emulator (where you will complete the exam items) can be found in the "Applications" menu OR as an icon on the remote deskto
Terminal Emulator

Virtual Machine (JSNAD and JSNSD Exams)

The workstation is CentOS 7 based and configured with all the tools and software needed to complete the tasks. This includes:
  • GNOME Desktop Environment
  • Code Editing Software: VSCode, Vim, WebStorm (sponsored by JetBrains)
  • API/REST Client (Postman)
  • Node.js version 14 LTS

Guidelines and Tips for Use of the Virtual Machine

(JSNAD and JSNSD Exams Only)
  • Clicking “Start Assessment” (in the top right-hand corner of the Assessment Introduction page) will launch the JSNAD or JSNSD Application (the exam)
  • JSNAD & JSNSD Exam tasks instruct you to complete a step, or a series of steps, which may be answered with Node.js core API’s or with any Node.js libraries/frameworks of the candidates choosing.
  • Instructions for each task, presented in the UI, are also made available in a file in each project folder.
  • The terminal provided by the environment is GNOME Terminal, but the Visual Studio Code Terminal or WebStorm may also be used.
  • Candidates can navigate between exam tasks by clicking on the “Previous” or “Continue/Next Task” button.
  • Candidates can skip an exam task using the “Skip” button, and return to it later, by navigating to any task in the left column.
  • Copy/Paste via keyboard does not always work and is a limitation of accessing VNC via browser. You can, however, copy/paste using the mouse (right-click).
  • Candidates can click on “Assessment Review” to identify tasks that have been: Completed Not Viewed Skipped
  • Once all the tasks have been completed and you are ready to end the exam, select "Complete Assessment” from Assessment Review page.