Taking the Exam

Specific Instructions for exam using the PSI BRIDGE Proctoring Platform

Verify Your Name (Make sure it matches your ID)

Prior to the Candidate clicking "Take Exam" on the LF Portal, they should click on the "Verify Now" link to ensure that the First and Last Name listed on their Linux Foundation ID account exactly matches the First & Last name displayed on the government-issued photo ID that will be presented to the Exam Proctor to verify their identity.
Once a candidate clicks on "Launch Exam" in the PSI Dashboard, the "Verified Name" (from the exam checklist) is sent to PSI and this is considered the Registered name for the exam session. NO CHANGES ARE PERMITTED TO THE VERIFIED NAME ONCE YOU HAVE STARTED THE LAUNCH EXAM PROCESS.

Connecting to the PSI Bridge Platform

LF Portal - Exam Checklist
Candidates can click on the "Take Exam" button, located in My Portal, up to 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time, to get redirected to the PSI Bridge Platform, and start the Self Check-In process. Please note that depending on proctor availability, you may need to wait until your exam start time to launch your exam.
If The Candidate has an issue with the "Take Exam" Button in the Exam Preparation Checklist, they can connect directly to
PSI Bridge Dashboard
The candidate will be redirected (using SSO) to the PSI Bridge Dashboard, where you will see the Exam you have scheduled, in the “Scheduled/In Progress” section

System Compatibility Check

This can be done at any time BEFORE your scheduled exam time, but it DOES NOT LAUNCH THE EXAM
Only run this check if you have adequate time before your scheduled exam time
You MUST RETURN to the Bridge Dashboard and click on "LAUNCH EXAM"
You can choose to check your system compatibility, by clicking on the “Click Here” button.
This will check that your system (e.g. Webcam, Microphone, Network bandwidth) is compatible with the PSI Secure Browser.
When complete, you will receive a message of “System Check Passed”.
You will need to go back to the PSI Bridge Dashboard (should still be open on another browser tab) and select “Launch Exam”

Launch The Exam

Click LAUNCH EXAM in the PSI Bridge Dashboard
Click on the “Launch Exam” Button (Shown in Green) and you will be prompted to Install Secure Browser/Launch Exam.
If you receive an error and are prompted to Un-Install a previous version of the PSI Secure Browser - please refer to the information below:
  • Windows 10: remove it from the Apps and Features or use the following instructions: uninstall process for Windows
  • MacOS: move it to the trash, or use the following instructions: uninstall process for Mac
  • Ubuntu: Run the PSI Secure Browser Installer file again, and select the “Uninstall” option
Install Secure Browser or Launch Exam
  • This will download the latest version of PSI Secure Browser to your machine (unless it's already detected)
  • When download is complete, the candidate will be prompted to install the Secure Browser
  • Once installed the Secure Browser will open in a new tab and start the Self Check-In process

Candidate Self Check-In Process

If you want a better understanding of what to expect please review the PSI Online Proctoring Experience video.
  • The Secure Browser will check for unauthorized hardware (e.g. dual monitors) or software applications and will prompt the candidate to take the necessary action.
  • Agreement Screens: You will be prompted to accept the Linux Foundation Certification & Confidentiality Agreement (previously presented at purchase AND when you scheduled your exam)
  • Photo ID Capture: You will be prompted to take a picture of a valid government-issued ID, with a signature. The ID must match the the Verified Name, entered in the Exam Preparation Checklist
  • Photo Capture: You will be prompted to take a "selfie" which will be used to compare with the photo shown on your Government issued ID.

Asset and Environment Review & Proctor Assignment:

Once you submit all of the information requested you will be connected to the next available Check-In Specialist, who will review the information you submitted and ask you to perform a live scan of your testing environment (room and workspace).
If there are any issues with the assets you submitted, or with your testing environment the Check-in Specialist will provide instructions on how to correct the problem.
When the Check-In Specialist approves your assets and confirms that your testing location meets the requirements outlined in our exam rules and policies, they will assign you to a proctor who will start exam release process.
The wait time to get assigned to a Check-In Specialist SHOULD NOT EXCEED 15 minutes. Please use the LIVE CHAT button to connect with Technical Support if you have any issues.
Non-US candidates SHOULD NOT need to call the numbers provided - please use the LIVE CHAT Feature

Re-Launching the Exam in the event of a disconnect

If the candidate is disconnected from the PSI Secure Browser during their scheduled exam time, they can re-launch their exam from the "Launch Test" button in the PSI dashboard, or double-click on the "PSI Secure Browser" application (which was installed on their machine as part of the Secure Browser installation during check in).
The candidate will have to perform the self check-in process again, to reconnect with a proctor and resume their exam session.
If you have any questions, please visit

How to Un-Install PSI Secure Browser

Once you’ve completed your exam with PSI, you will be able to uninstall the executable files for the PSI Secure Browser.
  • Windows 10: remove it from the Apps and Features or use the following instructions: uninstall process for Windows
  • MacOS: move it to the trash, or use the following instructions: uninstall process for Mac
  • Ubuntu: Run the PSI Secure Browser Installer file again, and select the “Uninstall” option

PSI Bridge - FAQ

Please review the PSI FAQ Page for additional technical support information on the PSI Bridge Proctoring Platform.