Taking the Exam

SkillCred Exams monitored by Proctorio’s Automated Proctoring system

SkillCred Exams are available "On Demand".

They can be launched at any time, and do NOT need to be pre-scheduled with a proctoring provider.

The exams are monitored by Proctorio's Automated Proctoring System.

The Proctorio Browser Extension is required to take a SkillCred Exam.

Verify Your Name (Make sure it matches your ID)

Prior to the Candidate clicking "Take Exam" on the LF Portal, they should click on the "Verify Now" link to ensure that the First and Last Name listed on their Linux Foundation ID account exactly matches the First & Last name displayed on the government-issued photo ID that will be uploaded to the proctoring system.

Once a candidate clicks on "Launch Exam" in the PSI Dashboard, the "Verified Name" (from the exam checklist) is considered the Registered name for the exam session.


Candidate Self Check in Process with Proctorio

Proctorio Exams CAN NOT be taken in an Incognito Window, please be sure to click on "Take Exam" in a normal tab or window

If you receive a "Pop-up Blocker" error please allow pop-ups and redirects from https://learner.nextgen.platform.linuxfoundation.org

Candidates will get redirected to the Proctorio Proctoring Platform, when they click on the "Take Exam" button, located in My Portal, and the Proctorio Check in process will begin:

  • Candidates will be prompted to close any unauthorized applications and any unauthorized browser tabs.

  • The Proctorio System Diagnostic test will verify all system components required to proctor the exam are operational (e.g. Microphone, Network connection, Webcam etc)

  • Candidates will be prompted to provide a signature indicating that they accept the Linux Foundation Certification & Confidentiality Agreement (previously presented at purchase AND in the exam preparation checklist)

  • Candidates will be prompted to Share their Desktop

  • The Proctorio Camera test will begin, and the candidate will be prompted to take a "selfie" - make sure you image is clear and centered. This image will be comparted with the photo of your Government Issued ID.

  • The Proctorio system will scan the Candidate's Government Issued ID - or if prompted you can manually scan the ID. (The ID must match the verified name, entered in the Exam Preparation checklist)

  • Candidates will complete a 360 scan of their Environment

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