Exam Rules and Policies

The Exam will not be released until the Candidate has indicated that they have read, understood and accept these rules and policies as presented in the The Linux Foundation Global Candidate Certification and Confidentiality Agreement.

Candidates must also comply with the following rules and policies during the Exam:

Testing Location Rules

  • Room must be quiet, private and well lit

  • Bright lights or windows should not be positioned behind the Candidate

  • Testing from public spaces such as coffee shops, stores, etc. is not allowed

  • No one other than the Candidate can be present in the room

  • Desk must be clear of all notes and electronics

Candidate Conduct Rules During Exam

  • Candidate is not allowed to communicate with anyone during the Exam

  • Candidate is not allowed to read the questions out loud, to themselves, during the exam

  • Candidate is not allowed to leave their desk or step out of view of the webcam

  • Candidate is not allowed to eat, drink (except clear liquids as per rule below), or chew gum

  • Candidate is permitted to drink clear liquids from a label-free clear bottle or a clear glass

  • Candidate is not allowed to wear any electronic device in their ears, on their face or on their body unless medically necessary

  • Candidate must refrain from making excessive and/or repetitive noise

  • Candidate must refrain from covering their mouth and/or face

  • Candidate is not allowed to write or enter input on anything (whether paper, electronic device, etc.) outside of the Exam console screen

  • Candidates must refrain from inappropriate or questionable behavior including, but not limited to, failing to follow proctor requests, looking off the screen, and using forbidden resources.

Policy on Tools and Resources Allowed during Exam

During the exam, candidates may:

  • review the Exam content instructions that are presented in the command line terminal.

  • review Documents installed by the distribution within the exam terminal (i.e. /usr/share and its subdirectories)

The following resources are forbidden during the Exam:

  • Text-based email clients

  • Notes or unauthorized materials

  • Unauthorized digital resources

  • Browsing the Internet using installed tools such as Vim and Emacs

  • Communications with other Candidates or outside resources

  • Use of devices other than the exam desktop

  • Notes

  • Documentation (* the documentation installed by the distribution IS permitted)

  • Course manuals

  • Devices external to computer on which they are taking the exam, including but not limited to: mobile phones, PDAs, wearable computers, smart glasses, smart watches

  • Desk must be clear of all notes and electronics

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