Candidate Requirements
Linux Foundation Certification Exams are delivered online and are closely monitored by a proctor during the exam session via streaming audio, video and screensharing feeds. The screensharing feed allows proctors to view candidates' desktops (including all monitors). The audio, video, and screen sharing feeds will be stored for a limited period of time in the event that there is a subsequent need for review.
If you’re interested in taking an online proctored exam through PSI and want a better understanding of what to expect, watch the PSI Online Proctoring Experience video.

System Requirements

Candidates should run the PSI Online System Security Check to verify that their machine meets the technical requirements for taking a proctored exam.
The online proctored exam is taken, using the PSI Secure Browser (a web browser created to guarantee a secure exam delivery over a virtual connection).
The secure browser download/installation will being when you Select “Launch exam” from the PSI Dashboard, or can be downloaded in advance during the Online Proctoring System Check
Candidates must provide their own computer with:
  • Supported OS: Please review the System Requirements, published by PSI, in particular the supported Operating System Information.
  • Reliable internet access
    • Ensure others on the same internet connection are not performing activities that use excessive bandwidth (i.e. holding conference calls, streaming content, gaming, etc.)
    • A wired connection is often more stable and robust than a wireless connection
    • Turn off bandwidth-intensive services (e.g. file sync, dropbox, BitTorrent)
  • Microphone
    • Please check to make sure it is working before you start your exam session.
  • Webcam
    • Ensure the webcam is capable of being moved as you will have to pan your surroundings to check for potential violations of exam policy.
    • If you will be testing from an employer-provide ISP or will use an employer provided machine, please ensure that streaming will be allowed using WebRTC.
Candidates are not allowed to have other applications or browser windows running except the one on which the Exam is being shown.

Hardware Compatibility Check

Please review the PSI Bridge Platform: System Requirements to ensure your machine will meet the online system proctoring requirements.
Candidates should run the Online Proctoring System Check provided by the Exam Proctoring Partner to ensure their machine meets the technical requirements for taking a proctored exam

LF Account

Candidate should have their own LF account. For more details on how to create LF account, please refer to Creating LF Account.

Testing Environment Requirements

Below are the expectations for an acceptable testing location::
  • Clutter-free work area
    • No objects such as paper, writing implements, electronic devices, or other objects on top of surface
    • No objects such as paper, trash bins, or other objects below the testing surface
  • Clear walls
    • No paper/print outs hanging on walls
    • Paintings and other wall décor is acceptable
    • Candidates will be asked to remove non-décor items prior to the exam being released
  • Lighting
    • Space must be well lit so that proctor is able to see candidate’s face, hands, and surrounding work area
    • No bright lights or windows behind the candidate
  • Other
    • Candidate must remain within the camera frame during the examination
    • Space must be private where there is no excessive noise. Public spaces such as coffee shops, stores, open office environments, etc. are not allowed.

Co Located Exams

If multiple Candidates are taking an exam at the same time in one location, then at least four feet (1.2 meters) of empty space on all sides must be enforced or privacy partitions must be installed.

Certification and Confidentiality Agreement

Candidates must accept the terms and conditions of the Linux Foundation Global Certification and Confidentiality Agreement during the registration process and again prior to testing.
This is a legally-binding agreement that applies to all exams. Acceptance and adherence to this agreement is required in order to be exposed to the exam and to be officially certified. Failure to accept the terms of this agreement will result in a terminated exam and forfeiture of the entire exam fee.
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