Exam Results - No Pass

The SkillCred Exams are one-attempt only.

If an additional order is available (if the candidate purchased the certification exam more than once) then they will be prompted to "Claim their next order" from this screen.

Exam Rescoring Requests

** NOTE** Exam Rescoring is NOT available for our Multiple Choice or SkillCred exams

Though we cannot guarantee the availability of rescoring for an exam server, candidates who did not earn a passing score may submit a request for an exam to be rescored, up to 2 days following the date on which their score report was received. (Please note there is a fee involved, which must be paid via credit card.)

To request a rescore, you may submit a request to trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org within 2 days following the date on which the exam was taken.

If your exam is eligible for a rescore, you will be provided with information on rescore fees and instructions on how to submit payment.

If the rescoring results in a change from No Pass to Pass on the exam, the rescoring fee will be refunded.

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