Exam Misconduct

Candidates engaging in Exam Misconduct, as defined below, will not be allowed to complete the Exam or receive an exam result. Such candidates will also be barred from taking any other LF Certification Exam and if applicable, will have any active LF Certification(s) withdrawn.

Refunds will not be given and rescheduling will not be allowed in the event of early termination of an exam due to misconduct. Misconduct may, at any time, result in application of the sanctions specified in Section 7. You shall adhere to all Program rules and shall not engage in any action to subvert, or attempt to subvert, the examination process (“Exam Misconduct”) including but not limited to:

  • Failing to comply with the Exam Rules and Policies as listed in Section 4.2​

  • Disseminating actual exam content by any means, including, but not limited to, web postings, formal or informal test preparation or discussion groups, chat rooms, reconstruction through memorization, study guides, or any other method, as well as providing exam content or information to any person not expressly authorized by LF to receive such content or information (including but not limited to an LF employee who is not part of the Certification Program staff)

  • Copying or otherwise transferring, modifying, making derivative works of, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or translating any Exam or any part thereof

  • Seeking and/or obtaining unauthorized access to examination materials (this includes using recollections of others or materials from previous administration of any Exam, a.k.a. braindump material, and/or any unauthorized publication of Exam questions with or without answers)

  • Using falsified or altered certificates, score reports, or other documents or electronic media to misrepresent Certification status

  • Allowing another person, or an organization in which you are not actively involved, to use your certification credentials to obtain employment or promotions

  • Providing falsified information, documentation or statements as a means of a false identity, false address or solicitation of someone to take a test on another's behalf

  • Giving, Receiving or obtaining assistance by improper means (e.g. using AI or ChatGPT) during the examination or attempting to do so

  • Making notes of any kind during the Exam, whether on paper or via digital means (other than using the notepad provided within the exam browser tab)

  • Possession of non-authorized items during the Exam

  • Accepting or providing improper assistance on your Exam or Exams taken by others (e.g. by using Remote Access Software or proxy testing)

  • Removing or attempting to remove Exam material (in any format)

  • Intentionally or otherwise repeatedly causing a disturbance of any kind during the Exam

  • Tampering with the exam server and its environment or attempting to use it for any function other than taking an LF Exam

  • Modifying and/or altering the results and/or score report for this Exam or any other Exam record

  • Using computer scripts to register for Exams

  • Misconduct as determined by Data Forensics as defined in Section 4.4

  • Failing to adhere to any LF or Exam Proctoring Partner policy, procedure, rule, or instruction

  • Using profanity, threatening to harm, bully or in any way harass any LF or Exam Proctoring Partner employee or contractor (whether verbally or in writing, including through electronic communications or external web postings)

  • Otherwise violating the terms of LF’s Certification and Confidentiality Agreement

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