Schedule an Exam

Candidates must complete the necessary steps in the Exam Preparation Checklist in order to "Schedule" the Exam with our proctoring partner, PSI.

The candidate should login to the Linux Foundation LMS, to view "My Portal". Click on the "In Progress" tab to view the certification exams or courses that are active in your account.

If this is the first time the candidate is accessing their purchase, the button will be labeled "Start Certification", otherwise the button will be labeled "Resume". Click on the Start Certification (or Resume) button to view the Exam Preparation Checklist Items.

Checklist Item

Action Required

Agree to Global Candidate Agreement

Candidates must click on the "Agree to Global Candidate Agreement"

to indicate they agree to the "Linux Foundation Global Certification and Candidate Agreement" (available for review by clicking on the "Read Now" button.

Verify Name

Candidates must click on "Verify Now" to confirm that the First and Last name displayed in this field matches the Government-Issued Photo ID that

they will present to the Exam Proctor, at the time of their exam, to verify their identity.

  • Click in the field to edit the First or Last name displayed.

  • Click “Accept” to confirm.

Select Platform

The candidate's exam will be provisioned on the Platform displayed.

To select a different platform, and if this is an available option, click on the Platform drop down list and select a preferred platform.

Click "Confirm" when done.

Schedule an Exam

The Schedule button will become available, approximately 30 mins AFTER the candidate has completed the first 3 checklist items.

Clicking on "Schedule" will redirect the candidate to our scheduling partner's site (PSI). Candidates will login to the PSI site with their LFID, and search for their exam by exam code (e.g. LFCS, CKA). Candidates will select from available dates and times for an exam reservation.

The Candidate must select a date and time that falls before the expiration date of their exam.

Check System Requirements

The Candidate must check that the system they will use to take the exam meets the minimum requirements. Clicking on the "Check Now" button will direct the Candidate to a System Check Tool.

Get Candidate Handbook

Candidates should click on the "Read Now" button to familiarize themselves with the Candidate Handbook prior to taking the exam.

Take Exam

Candidates must complete all checklist items before their scheduled Exam time The "Take Exam" button will become available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.

Clicking on "Take Exam" will redirect candidates to the proctoring partner's site.

The "Schedule" Button will become active, and the Candidate will be able to schedule an exam with our proctoring partner (PSI), only after they complete the first 3 checklist items:

  • Agree to Global Candidate Agreement

  • Verify Name

  • Select Platform

Candidates will click the "Schedule" button to be directed to the PSI Bridge Platform where they will schedule their exam.

Candidates will then be prompted to select their preferred date and the time zone in which they will be taking the exam.

Exams require a 24-hour lead time to allow for the preparation of the virtual machines, so the earliest possible reservation date will be the following day. Additionally, the latest possible date presented in the scheduling calendar is 60 days out.

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