Exam Registration - Using a Redemption or Registration Code

Candidates with a Registration or Redemption code, can login to the LMS and apply the code using the "Redemption Code" option.

Registering for an exam gives the candidate an eligibility to schedule and then take the exam. Registering for an exam is not the same as "Scheduling" an exam. When a candidate registers for an exam they will have 12 months to schedule and take the exam, or until their corporate subscription expires (whichever happens first). That means they must schedule an exam reservation date to occur within 12 months of purchase, or before their corporate subscription expires. After that date, the exam registration expires and the candidate will no longer be eligible to schedule or sit for the exam.

Login or Create an Account in The Linux Foundation LMS

If a candidate has a Registration or Redemption Code, they will connect to The Linux Foundation LMS where they should (a) Sign in with an existing LF Login and Password or (b) Create a new LF Login by providing a Username, First/Last name and Email address

If you are creating a new LF Login, you will receive an email requesting that your "Verify your Email" in order to gain access to your new purchase.

Apply Registration or Redemption Code

Once logged in, the candidate will click on "Apply Registration Code" in the top Menu Bar. They will enter the Registration or Redemption Code in the field shown, and click on "Validate".

When the code has been verified, the candidate must click to agree to The Linux Foundation Terms and Conditions and the Thought Industry Terms and Conditions, and then click on "Redeem" to complete the registration process.

The candidate will be automatically redirected to "My Portal" where their recent purchase will be displayed in the "My Learning" Tab. The candidate can click on "Start Certification" or "Resume" to view the Exam Preparation Checklist Items which need to be completed in order to Schedule the exam with PSI.

The candidate will also receive an email which includes confirmation of their registration for the Exam (valid for 12 months) and a list of things to consider when selecting an exam date, such as:

  • Exam reservations require a 24-hour lead time, meaning the earliest available time-slot will always be the next day.

  • Proctoring time slots are made available for all timezones and all days of the week, including weekends, and scheduling is subject to availability.

  • The scheduling calendar shows availability for 60 days following the current date, therefore you'll need to wait until you're within 60 days of your desired date before you can schedule your exam.

  • Exam reservations may be rescheduled or cancelled up to 24 hours before the start time of your exam. If less than 24 hours remain before your exam start time, you must sit the exam as scheduled or forfeit the attempt. The exam proctoring partner's site may not prevent you from accessing all dates available on their scheduling calendar, including ones falling after your exam eligibility expiration date.

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