Certification Revokation

The Linux Foundation (LF) will revoke Certification if the candidate fails to comply with Certification renewal requirements. In addition, LF may, in its sole discretion, revoke any and all Certifications the candidate may have earned and permanently ban them from earning future Certifications under any of the following circumstances:

  • If the candidate uses profanity, threaten to harm, bully or in any way harass any LF or Exam Proctoring Partner employee or contractor (whether verbally or in writing, including through electronic communications or external web postings);

  • If the candidate breaches the terms and conditions of The Linux Foundation Global Certification and Confidentiality Agreement;

  • If LF determines, in its sole discretion pursuant to the Exam Misconduct and Professional Code of Conduct Violations, that the candidate has undertaken or participated in Exam Misconduct as defined in the Exam Misconduct Policy, or violated the Professional Code of Conduct.

  • If you have been convicted of a crime that LF deems, in its sole discretion, in any way harms or affects LF’s or the Program’s reputation, goodwill or security; or

  • If you have lost or settled a civil case in which LF is the plaintiff and the claim arose from any alleged damage to LF, its brand, goodwill or reputation.

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