Exam Registration

Registering for an exam gives the candidate an eligibility to schedule and then take the exam. Registering for an exam is not the same as "Scheduling" an exam. When a candidate registers for an exam they will have 12 months to schedule and take the exam, or until their corporate subscription expires (whichever happens first). That means they must schedule an exam reservation date to occur within 12 months of purchase, or before their corporate subscription expires. After that date, the exam registration expires and the candidate will no longer be eligible to schedule or sit for the exam.

Exam Fees & Payment

Please review our Training & Certification Catalog for pricing information.

Only credit card payments can be used for payment and all major credit cards are accepted.

Volume discounts are available for companies with multiple candidates. Please click on the "Get a Quote" link on our certification product page(s).

Register for an Exam

To register for an exam the candidate will go to The Certification Catalog , select the Certification Exam they wish to purchase and click the "Register" button.

Candidates will be redirected to The Linux Foundation LMS where they can

(a) Sign in with an existing LF Account and proceed to the secure checkout to complete the transaction or (b) Create a new LF Account by providing a Username, First/Last name and Email address, and proceed to the secure checkout to complete the transaction.

A request to "Verify your Email" will be sent to the email address provided when creating a new LF Account. When the candidate has completed their purchase, they must follow the instructions in the email to "Verify Email" in order to gain access to their Certification Exam.

Secure Checkout

To complete the checkout process, candidates will click "Enter Payment Information" and enter their Credit Card information. Prior to completing their order, candidates will be prompted to read and accept The Linux Foundation Terms and Conditions.

Returning Customers

If the candidate is a returning customer and a credit card has been saved to their account, the system will display the last 4 digits of the credit card on file, and advise that this card will be charged.

If the candidate wants to use a different credit card to complete the purchase, they must:

  1. login to My Portal and click on "Account" (click the down arrow beside their profile name to see the link to your "Account" )

  2. Click "Update Credit Card Info" and enter the details of their credit card

  3. Click "Save Credit Card" to update the Credit Card details on file.

Purchase History / Receipt for your purchase

Candidates can login to My Portal and click on the Purchase History option to view all their transactions and print a receipt.

If candidates need to print a receipt for for purchases completed BEFORE June 20, 2020, they can:

  • login to identity.linuxfoundation.org with your LFID

  • Click on the "Orders" tab to view a list of purchases completed

  • Click on the order you wish to use and click on the "Printable Invoice" Tab

How to Purchase an Exam Eligibility as a Gift (Purchase for someone else)

To make a purchase on behalf of someone else, select the Certification Exam Product from our Certification Catalog and click on the "Gift this Certification" option.

You will be prompted to enter the recipient's First and Last Name, and their Email Address. Clicking on "Enter Payment Information" will redirect you to the Secure Checkout page to complete your order.

The recipient of the "Gift" will receive an email with instructions on how to Redeem a Code provided for the Certification Exam purchased on their behalf.

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