Exam Scoring and Notification

Upon completion, exams are scored automatically and barring any exceptions or technical difficulties, a score report will be sent to the candidate via email within 24 hours from the time that the exam was completed.

Results will also be made available on the Portal.

For performance based exams (non multiple choice exams) there may be more than one way to perform a task on an Exam and unless otherwise specified, the candidate can pick any available path to perform the task as long as it produces the correct result. The Linux Foundation (LF) and/or the Exam Proctoring Partner will review your exam record for scoring accuracy, for evidence of possible misconduct, and for response patterns that may suggest that your scores do not represent a valid measure of your knowledge or competence as sampled by the examination (measurement error).

LF will use statistical analyses of exam data (“Data Forensics”) to identify patterns indicative of test fraud, including cheating and piracy.

LF reserves the right to invalidate your exam score and certification result if review of your exam record reveals scoring inaccuracies (attributable to LF or the Exam Proctoring Partner) or response patterns indicative of possible misconduct or measurement error. If LF determines that an Exam score is invalid due to issues that are beyond the control of the candidate, the candidate will be advised of options to retake the Exam at no charge.

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