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Exam Preparation Checklist

Checklist Items

Exam Preparation Checklist
Candidates should use the exam checklist to review and complete the steps necessary to schedule and take the exam. When items in the checklist have been completed, a green check mark will appear next to the item.
Please Note: The "Schedule" Button will become active, and the Candidate will be able to proceed to schedule an exam, only after they complete the first 3 checklist items:
  • Agree to Global Candidate Agreement
  • Verify Name
  • Select Platform
Checklist Item
Action Required
Agree to Global Candidate Agreement
Candidates must click on the "Agree to Global Candidate Agreement"
to indicate they agree to the "Linux Foundation Global Certification and Candidate Agreement" (available for review by clicking on the "Read Now" button.
Verify Name
Candidates must click on "Verify Now" to confirm that the First and Last name displayed in this field matches the Government-Issued Photo ID that
they will present to the Exam Proctor, at the time of their exam, to verify their identity.
  • Click in the field to edit the First or Last name displayed.
  • Click “Accept” to confirm.
Select Platform
The candidate's exam server (Virtual machine) will be provisioned on the Platform displayed. (This does not reflect the candidate's local OS).
Schedule an Exam
The Schedule button will become available, approximately 30 mins AFTER the candidate has completed the first 3 checklist items.
Clicking on "Schedule" will redirect the candidate to our scheduling partner's site (PSI). The Candidate's exam will be displayed in the "Ready for Schedule" section. Candidates will select from available dates and times for an exam reservation. The Candidate must select a date and time that falls before the expiration date of their exam.
Check System Requirements
The Candidate must check that their machine meets the technical requirements for taking a proctored exam
Clicking on the "Check Now" button will direct the Candidate to a System Check Tool. The Candidate should Run the System check and complete any recommended steps.
Get Candidate Handbook
Candidates should click on the "Read Now" button to familiarize themselves with the Candidate Handbook prior to taking the exam.
Take Exam
Candidates must complete all checklist items before their scheduled Exam time The "Take Exam" button will become available 30 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.
Clicking on "Take Exam" will redirect candidates to the proctoring partner's site, where they will launch the exam.

Verify Your Name

Before the candidate schedules the exam, they must click on the "Verify Now" link to ensure that the First and Last Name listed on their Linux Foundation ID account matches the government-issued photo ID that will be presented to the Exam Proctor, at the time of their exam, to verify their identity. This will be the same name printed on your certificate, should you pass the exam and become certified.
  • Click within the field to edit the First or Last name displayed.
  • Click “Accept” to confirm.
Your Verified Name can not be changed once you launch the exam - so the candidate should review their verified name BEFORE they click "Take Exam" and ensure it matches the Primary ID that they will present to the proctor.

Platform Selection

The candidate's exam will be provisioned on the Platform displayed in the "Select Platform" field. To select a different platform, and if this is an available option, candidates may click on the Platform drop down list and select their preferred platform.
The Candidate may change their selected platform as often as they wish, and up to 24 hrs prior to their scheduled exam date and time. Platform selection options for Linux Foundation Certification Exams are as follows:
Linux Foundation Exam Name
Platform Option Available
No Platform
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 20.04
No Platform
No Platform
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 20.04
No Platform
No Platform
No Platform
Ubuntu 20.04

​Test Accommodations

Additional Time can not be accommodated for Multiple Choice exams or SkillCred Exams
A candidate can request test accommodations by completing the Test Accommodations Form, and submitting it for approval to
The completed form must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the candidate plans to take an exam.
Our proctoring partner will contact you directly to assist you with scheduling an exam.