Exam UI: SkillCred Exam

The SkillCred Exams will launch and display 2 "Read Me" Pages, that contain valuable information on how to navigate the Exam UI and controls.

Page1 of the ReadMe includes a PreLoading progress bar - it is recommended that you allow preloading to complete to 100% before clicking Next, and going to page 2. 5 mins has been added to the timer to allow for the preloading to complete

Page 2 of the ReadMe will load the ExamUI "Tour", which will provide instructions on how to navigate the ExamUI.

When the candidate has reviewed the Readme pages, they can click "next" to view the first exam task.

  • Each exam task is completed in a dedicated Linux Virtual Machine (VM). These VM's run in the browser as needed, and are not stored. To reset the VM (in the event of any VM issue - click on the "Reset VM" button (Top Right Hand corner of the VM)

  • Exam task instructions will display to the left of the Linux Virtual Machine

  • Some exam tasks contain pre-selected values or commands which have been pre-selected and configured with a "click-to-copy" option. You can click on these values/commands and copy them into the VM using this option.

  • When the candidate complete the task they must click on "Submit Response" before they can navigate to the next or to a previous task. If they attempt to navigate to another task before clicking "Submit Response", an error message will be displayed instructing them to submit a response.

  • The candidate can click on "Flag Item to review" if they wish to flag an item to return to later.

  • The candidate can return to a completed task at any time, by clicking on "Previous" or clicking on task in the Navigation menu. They will be prompted with a message indicating "You have submitted a response" and if they want to reattempt the task they can click on the "Reattempt Task" prompt.

  • A Navigation Menu is displayed on the Left Hand side of the task instructions. Use the Navigation Menu to return to the ReadMe, return to Flagged Items, or quickly navigate between tasks.

  • The candidate can END their exam by navigating to the final task - where the "End Exam" button will be displayed.

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