The grid, presented below, outlines the Linux Foundation exams where Exam objectives (i.e. exam tasks) are available in English, Simplified Chinese, and/or Japanese. When an exam is launched, the exam objectives (i.e. exam tasks) will default to the preferred language setting detected in the Candidate’s browser. If the preferred language is not available for that exam then the exam objectives default to English. If exam objectives are available in multiple languages, the candidate may switch between available languages during the exam by clicking on the “Language Control Dropdown List” in the Content Panel of the exam console.
The following grid outlines the languages available in our Certification Exams:
Exam Title
English (EN)
Japanese (JP)
Simplified Chinese (ZH)
Linux Foundation Systems Administrator
Linux Foundation Certified Cloud Technician
Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate
Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist
Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate
Cloud Foundry Certified Developer
Certified TARS Application Developer
Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator
OpenJS Node.js Application Developer
OpenJS Node.js Services Developer
Prometheus Certified Associate
* Must register for the Chinese-Only version of the JSNAD and JSNSD Exam ** Must register for the Japanese-Only version of the KCNA Exam
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