ExamUI: OpenJS Exams

This information applies to JSNAD & JSNSD
OpenJS Remote Desktop
The workstation is Ubuntu 20.04 based and configured with all the tools and software needed to complete the tasks. This includes:
  • Code Editing Software: VSCode, Vim, WebStorm (sponsored by JetBrains)
  • API/REST Client (Postman)
  • Node.js version 14 LTS
A standard terminal is provided by the environment, but the Visual Studio Code or Webstorm Terminal may also be used.

Guidelines and Tips for Use of the Remote Desktop

  • Clicking “Start Assessment” (in the top right-hand corner of the Assessment Introduction page) will launch the JSNAD or JSNSD Application (the exam)
  • JSNAD & JSNSD Exam tasks instruct you to complete a step, or a series of steps, which may be answered with Node.js core API’s or with any Node.js libraries/frameworks of the candidates choosing.
  • Instructions for each task, presented in the UI, are also made available in a file in each project folder.
  • The terminal provided by the environment is GNOME Terminal, but the Visual Studio Code Terminal or WebStorm may also be used.
  • Candidates can navigate between exam tasks by clicking on the “Previous” or “Continue/Next Task” button.
  • Candidates can skip an exam task using the “Skip” button, and return to it later, by navigating to any task in the left column.
  • Copy/Paste via keyboard does not always work and is a limitation of accessing VNC via browser. You can, however, copy/paste using the mouse (right-click).
  • Candidates can click on “Assessment Review” to identify tasks that have been: Completed Not Viewed Skipped
  • Once all the tasks have been completed and you are ready to end the exam, select "Complete Assessment” from Assessment Review page.