Taking the Exam
The instructions apply to all LF Exams proctored using the PSI ExamsLocal Proctoring Service

Launching the Exam

Candidates can click on the "Take Exam" button, located in My Portal, up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their Exam, and will be redirected to the Exam Proctoring Partner's site.
Depending on proctor availability, you may need to wait until your exam start time to begin the Proctor Admission Process.
Once authenticated to PSI, candidate's can select "My Exams" and click the "Launch Exam" Button to open the Exam Console in a new browser tab.
If The Candidate has an issue with the "Take Exam" Button in the Exam Preparation Checklist, they can connect directly to and login with their LF Account, select "My Exams" and click the "Launch Exam" Button to open the Exam Console in a new browser tab.
Once in the Exam Console, the Proctor Admission Process will begin.

Reporting Issues with Launching the Exam

If the Launch Exam button is not accessible, the Candidate should contact the Exam Proctoring Partner's Support team, within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, using one of the following options:
  • Click on the "Online- Click here to get help" button - this opens the chat support function
  • Click on the Support Menu item in the top navigation bar to view the support numbers

Proctor Admission Process

The proctor admission process can take up to 15-20 mins to complete. The Exam countdown timer does not start until the proctor releases the Exam.
The Admission process includes the following:
  • Share screen, Webcam and microphone
    • Ensure the webcam is capable of being moved as the proctor may ask you to pan your surroundings to check for potential violations of exam policy
  • ID Verification and authentication process
    • the candidate must present valid Government-issued photo ID that matches the name listed on the Exam Reservation
    • If the name on the Exam Reservation does not match the name on the candidate's Government Issued Photo ID, the candidate will be instructed to:
  • Reading and accepting the Exam Rules and terms and conditions of The Linux Foundation Global Certification and Confidentiality Agreement Document.
During the admission process, the proctor may ask to review the applications and services running on the candidate's machine to detect Remote Access Software (e.g. LiteManager) which violates the Certification and Confidentiality agreement.
If Remote Access Software is detected and running on your machine, your exam session will be terminated immediately and your exam registration will be cancelled without a refund in accordance with the Exam Misconduct policy
Upon completing the admission process and when the proctor has verified that the Candidate's testing environment and surrounding area meets the testing requirements, the Proctor will release the exam.