Scheduling or Rescheduling an Exam

Choosing a Date and Time for your Exam

Candidate's have 12 months, from the date of exam registration, or until their corporate subscription expires (whichever happens first), to schedule and take their exam (plus their free retake if eligible). The Expiration Date displayed in My Portal is the last date on which the exam can be taken. After this date, the candidate's exam eligibility will be marked expired.
Candidates will click the "Schedule" button to be directed to the Exam Proctoring Partner's scheduling site. Candidates search for their exam eligibility by:
  • Exam title (e.g. Linux Foundation Systems Administrator)
  • Exam code (e.g. LFCS, CKA)
  • Sponsor Name (The Linux Foundation)
Candidates will then be prompted to select their preferred date and the timezone in which they will be taking the exam.
Exams require a 24-hour lead time to allow for the preparation of the virtual machines, so the earliest possible reservation date will be the following day. Additionally, the latest possible date presented in the scheduling calendar is 60 days out.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Your Exam

Candidates may cancel or reschedule their exam reservation up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time of their exam. Reservation changes are NOT POSSIBLE when 24 hours or less remain before the exam start time.
If a candidate is a “No-Show” for their scheduled exam reservation, they forfeit the exam registration fees (no refund) and they will not be eligible for a retake.
If the candidate needs to cancel or reschedule their exam, they may do so by logging into My Portal and selecting the “Cancel or Reschedule” option. They will be redirected to our Proctoring Partner's Scheduling site. Click on "My Exams" Click on the Scheduled exam and then click on Cancel or Reschedule Button
The candidate will receive an email from our Proctoring Partner (PSI) confirming that their reservation has been cancelled. The "Schedule" button will become available again in the Exam Preparation Checklist, and the candidate can commence the Schedule Exam process again.
Candidates will not be able to make changes to the exam reservation when 24 hours or less remain before the start time of the exam.