Catalog sub-menu provides settings options related to General, SEO, Tabs and Advanced.

General Catalog Settings

In General Catalog settings, you can update settings related to the following:

1. In the Detail Page Layout, click Design Layout to update content design layout.

Click Revert to Default to revert back to default design layout.

2. The detailed design layout page appears. You can modify the designs layout for:

  • Layouts

  • Theme

  • Pages

a. The Layout page provides an option to add and update various widgets.

b. The Theme page provides an option to update information related to branding, navigation links, header, footer, and custom code.

  • The Branding page provides an option to update logo, fonts and color.

  • The Navigation Links page provides an option to Add navigation links.

The Header page provides options to update header links and sub links.

The Footer page provides options to update footer links.

The Custom page provides an option to update the custom CSS of the Content page.

C. The Pages sub-menu provides option to add or clone pages in the Content.

3. You can update the title of the content under Title field, provide a description under Description field and add tags from the Tags drop-down.

4. In the Custom Fields, you can update the exam duration in the Exam Duration and provide the required passing score percentage in the Passing Score Percent.

Passing Score Percent is mandatory and must be updated to make the certificate valid.

5. You can add custom fields by selecting from the Select A Custom Field To Add drop-down. Click Next and select the value and click Save.

5. To upload an image, drag and drop a, image under Image. To upload detail image, drag and drop an image under Detail Image. You can select the ribbon from the Ribbon drop-down list. You can also upload a preview video under Preview Video.

SEO Catalog Settings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assists in increasing the quality of the content added in the website. You can improve the quality of the content added for the certifications.

To add SEO related content, follow the given below instructions:

  1. Add the Meta title words in the Meta Title field.

  2. Provide the meta description in the Meta Description.

Tabs Catalog Settings

To add Tabs to the certifications, follow the given below instructions:

1 Click the Add New Tab button.

2 Select the required tab type from the Tab Type drop-down list and click Save.

Advanced Catalog Settings

The Advanced Catalog settings provide you with the option to update settings related to source, authors, publish date and external detail link.

To perform settings related to Advanced Catalog settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the required catalog source from the Source drop-down list.

  2. Provide the name of the author in Author field.

  3. Select the required publish date from the Publish Date calendar.

  4. Enter the URL of the external course catalog in External Detail Link field.

  5. You can also update the current URL of the certification. Click Update URL and provide the required URL.

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