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Retake Policy
For certification exams purchased directly from The Linux Foundation and not marked as SINGLE-ATTEMPT or SINGLE, one (1) free retake per exam purchase will be granted in the event that a passing score is not achieved and Candidate has not otherwise been deemed ineligible for certification or retake.
Unless otherwise indicated in the exam order, the free retake must be completed within 12 months of the date of the original exam purchase.

How to Claim your Free Retake (If Eligible)

The Exam Preparation Checklist will display the No-Pass score, and if eligible the candidate can click the "Claim Free Retake" button which will activate a new Checklist and a new exam eligibility.
The candidate will be advised that their current exam data will be stored as Exam History, and they will be taken to the beginning of the exam scheduling process.
If the free retake has been exhausted for this order, or the deadline to complete the free retake has passed, and if an additional order is available (if the candidate purchased the certification exam more than once) then they will be prompted to "Claim their next order from this screen.
If the free retake free retake has been exhausted, or the deadline to complete the free retake has passed, Candidates may register and pay to take the exam again.
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