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Here are the new features for the Linux Foundation Contributor License Agreement Tool:

Flexible CLA Enforcement for Repositories

CLA groups give you the flexibility to enforce different CLA requirements for various GitHub repositories and Gerrit instances. A CLA group defines:

  • What CLA types your project requires for pull request or push submissions—the agreement types are for corporate or individual CLA signatories
  • What CLAs and their versions are used for the contributors
  • What GitHub repositories, Gerrit instances, or both enforce CLA monitoring

As a project manager, you use the CLA Management Console to add and name CLA groups for your project. 

Gerrit Support

The Linux Foundation CLA monitoring is now available for Gerrit code reviews. Gerrit lets authorized contributors merge changes to the Git repository after reviews are done. Project managers create and configure a Gerrit instance to add Gerrit instances to CLA monitoring. Project managers also modify CLA configurations for the files under the Gerrit instance’s All-Projects repository. Projects are organized hierarchically as a tree with the All-Projects project as root from which all projects inherit.

New CLA Consoles that are Appropriate for Your Role

New consoles let you do CLA tasks in simple workflows that are appropriate for your role: project manager, CLA manager, CLA signatory, corporate contributor, and individual contributor.

CLA Management Console

As a project manager of an open-source project, the new CLA Management Console lets you easily perform the following CLA set-up and management tasks:

  • Install the LF CLA Application
  • Add and manage CLA groups and CLAs
  • Add GitHub organizations and repositories to CLA monitoring
  • Add Gerrit instances to CLA monitoring

CLA Corporate Console

As a CLA manager for a project to which company developers contribute, the new CLA Corporate Console lets you easily perform the following CLA set-up and management tasks:

  • Associate a Corporate CLA to a project
  • Whitelist domain names and Email addresses
  • Edit the Company Name and Manager details

As a CLA signatory, the new CLA Corporate Console lets you easily sign a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) on behalf of a company.

CLA Contributor Console

As a contributor, the new CLA Contributor Console lets:

  • Corporate contributors confirm their association with a company that has a signed CCLA
  • Individual contributors sign an individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA)

The CLA Contributor Console appears as part of your code submission process—you are prompted to click a link to open it.

Enhancements for Contributors

The following CLA enhancements are for contributors:

  • Contributors request association to a company as part of the CCLA submission process. The association is established by company whitelists. The whitelists apply to the CLA group for which the company has signed a CCLA. The CLA application checks whitelists for allowing contributions to a project. A Send E-Mail To CLA Signatory form lets you contact your CLA manager to request association to the company by being added to a whitelist. The Signatory Name and Signatory E-Mail are pre-populated in the form. 

  • CLA signing and submission now uses DocuSign rather than HelloSign.
  • Contributor License Agreement signing is easier for you because the Name and Email fields are pre-populated in the DocuSign document.