Enable or Disable Scanning for a Repository
From Settings tab, you can perform the following tasks:
    Enable or disable vulnerability and code secret scanning for a repository to refine scanning report of the project.
    Auto enabling repositories for scanning vulnerabilities.

Enable/Disable a Repository for Vulnerability Scan

You can enable or disable a repository for vulnerability scanning in the Settings tab. If you enable a repository for vulnerability scanning, the repository is scanned for the vulnerabilities. If you disable the vulnerability scanning for a repository, the scanning will be skipped for the selected repository and vulnerabilities are not detected.
To enable or disable a repository for vulnerability scan, perform the following steps:
1.Select Settings from the menu and click Vulnerabilities. All repositories of the project are listed in alphabetical order.
Vulnerabilities Settings
2.Under Scan Vulnerabilities tab, toggle scan button to enable or disable a repository from scanning.
You can also enable or disable scanning for all repositories by toggle of Scan Vulnerabilities.
Scan Repositories
3. Under Last Scan Results tab, you can see whether the repository scan has been successful or where there were any errors while scanning the repository.
When the scan of the repository is successful, it is displayed as Successful and if there are any errors, it will be displayed as Error.
The error details for the repository is displayed when you click the
An error will be displayed when the language used in the repository is not supported by Security scan.
Last Scan Results
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