Manage Affiliations

The Affiliations sections shows data used to populate statistical dashboards for communities and allows users to update the organization, contribution level and time duration for each affiliation.

1. To manage your affiliations, login to and navigate to Affiliations section. The section will display the following details based on data availability:

  • The names of the projects you're contributing to

  • The names of the organizations you're affiliated with as a contributor

  • Your level of contributions, i.e. contributor, maintainer

  • Time duration for each contribution

  • Edit CTA to manage your affiliations

2. To edit dates for your affiliations, click Edit icon and select dates from the calendar widget.

3. To edit the organization, click inside Contributing As field and enter the organization name.

4. If the organization name is not available in the predictive search list, click +Add CTA to add the organization.

5. On the Add Organization popup, enter the organization URL and name and click Add CTA. To update the affiliation, click Save CTA icon.

6. To Split Existing Affiliation click split icon to add new organization, select contribution level and dates.

7. To cancel the edits click Cancel icon. The delete the affiliation row clickDelete icon.

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