Select Time Range

You can pick a time range to apply to all the data in an overview or dashboard. By default, the time range value is set to last 90 days.

To Select Time Range:

1. Open a project dashboard and click Select Time Range. The Time Range picker opens. Default time range is Last 90 days.

Select Time Range

2. Select a quick filter to apply a time range and a value:

  • Quick shows preset time range values. Select a value, such as This Month, This Year, and so on, and click Apply.

  • Clicking Reset changes the time range to default value–last 90 Days.

  • Calendar lets you enter the start date and end date in the MM-DD-YY, HH:MM:SS format. Click Apply to see the project summary for the selected date and time.

The data refreshes to match your time range selection, and the value you selected shows next to Time Range.

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