Forgot Password

If you do not remember your SSO account password, you can make a request to reset your password.

A password change invalidates any of your active sessions for the protected services that you are currently logged in to and you will need to sign in again.

1. On Sign In page, click the Forgot Password?.​​

2. Enter your email address or username and click Reset Password.

Forgot your password?

3. You will receive an email from Linux Foundation SSO service at the email address you have provided while creating your SSO account. If you don't have access to the email address, you can provide a desired email address where you want to receive the link to reset your SSO account password. You should see a notification as below:

4. Please Check your email inbox for a The Linux Foundation: Reset Password email and open it.

5. Click Reset Password.

The Change Password window appears: ​Change Password

6. Enter a new password and click Submit. A confirmation window appears showing that your password is updated.

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