Get a Vulnerability Status Overview

The Overview dashboard gives you an overall view of security issues and history of all the repositories in your project to make them prominent. CommunityBridge Security uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) as a standard measurement for the severity of vulnerabilities. CVSS prioritizes vulnerability remediation activities and calculates the severity of vulnerabilities discovered in all your project repositories. The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) provides CVSS scores for almost all known vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are classified into HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW severity for easy prioritization.

Do these steps:

1.Sign In to CommunityBridge Vulnerability Detection. Or Sign In to CommunityBridge Funding if you have added your project to CommunityBridge Funding.

Overview shows an overview of the number of dependency issues in all your project repositories per threat level, and the number which are fixable. Dependency Issues Over Time shows a timeline of when security issues occurred and how many issues occurred at a certain time. Lines and icons in the timeline are colored to represent the threat levels.

Security Overview

Use this information to prioritize your investigation and remediation. To prioritize vulnerabilities, you might target one high-threat issue first. Additionally, it is important to focus on threats detected multiple times in the scanned code. Resolving one of these issues can make a marked difference in the security of the codebase overall.

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