As a mentee, you can get the opportunity to engage in an open source project under the guidance of someone experienced in the project and community.


Consider the following benefits for mentees who participate in the Mentorship program:

  • Contribute to open source projects and help meet their critical needs while building your resume with experience and accomplishments

  • Develop your skills: coding, writing, testing, artwork, project management, and more

  • Be guided by the expertise and experience of seasoned mentors

  • Receive a stipend for completing your mentorship tasks

  • After graduating, get connected to potential employers who are focused on your project and are offering interview opportunities. Your mentor may also refer you to a company. Note: Any interactions you have with a company are strictly between you and the company, and are not part of or connected to the Mentorship program, nor do such interactions involve the Linux Foundation.

Eligibility Rules

The following eligibility rules apply to program applicants. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be eligible to work in the country and jurisdiction where you will be participating in the Mentorship program

  • Not reside in a country or jurisdiction where participation in the mentorship is prohibited under applicable U.S. federal, state or local laws or the laws of other countries

  • Not be a prior or an active participant in another CommunityBridge mentorship program.

  • Seeking to participate on your own behalf as an individual

  • Not be subject to any existing obligations to third parties (such as contractual obligations to an employer) that would restrict or prohibit your participation in the Mentorship program

  • Meet any additional criteria set by the particular project for which you want to apply. Some projects may have custom requirements for mentees. For example, some projects may limit mentorships to students who are currently enrolled in school.

  • Not be a prior participant (maintainer, contributor, and so on) involved with a project for which you want to be a mentee.

Mentees are not employed by the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation’s own employment opportunities are available on its primary website at and are not available through CommunityBridge.

Mentorship Stipends

Mentees are not directly paid wages for participating in the Mentorship program because they are are not employees of the Linux Foundation or of the project providing the mentorship program. However, many projects offer stipends to support and encourage mentees to participate. Each project determines the funding for stipends.

You are eligible to receive a stipend if you meet the Mentorship program requisite qualifications. Again, the stipend is not in any sense compensation for services rendered. To the contrary, the stipend is offered to encourage participation in the program, offset expenses, and provide financial support for the mentee. The stipend may consist of a single amount upon graduation from the mentorship, or may be provided in increments upon completion of various milestones, as determined by the project that is offering the mentorship. Stipend amounts may differ depending on the jurisdiction in which the mentee is located.

To be eligible for a mentorship stipend, you:

  • Must complete and return all required documentation

  • Must be the intended final recipient of the stipend; you may not receive the stipend on behalf of someone else

  • Must not be restricted from participating and receiving payment by United States sanctions programs

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