As a project administrator, you can launch a Mentorship program to grow the size and diversity of your community. You can also raise funds to help pay for stipends and other mentee perks. Consider the following benefits for project communities that participate in the Mentorship program:

  • Expand involvement of interested new contributors and grow communities

  • Focus participants on critical areas of needed attention, such as fixing bugs and writing technical documentation


As the project administrator, some of your responsibilities are:

  • Identifying and inviting appropriate individuals to participate as mentors

  • Determining the number of mentorships that will be offered

  • Setting up mentee stipends

  • Mediating any disputes between mentees and mentors, for example, whether mentorship tasks were completed satisfactorily

Your Activities

As a project administrator, you enroll a project that is to be reviewed by Linux Foundation for inclusion in Mentorship program. After your project is approved, it is available on the Projects page in CommunityBridge Mentorship and on the Projects and Mentorships page in CommunityBridge Funding. You are responsible for developing your own Mentorship program including identifying mentors and mentees, outlining tasks for mentees, and determining stipends and other incentives for participants.

Get started by enrolling your project and then continue with other activities: