The Linux Foundation mentorship programs make it easier for open-source projects to grow their communities by cultivating mentoring relationships with talented and committed novice developers. By offering paid mentorships, projects are able to provide mentees with opportunities to learn from experienced open source contributors as a segue to get internship and job opportunities upon graduation.

CommunityBridge Mentorship platform was created by the Linux Foundation to make it easy for projects to administer their mentorship programs by connecting mentorship candidates with projects and mentors.

How to Participate

You can participate in Mentorship program as a project administrator, a mentor or a mentee.

Project administrator: As a project administrator, you will enroll a project on the platform and act as a single point of contact for mentors, mentees and the Linux Foundation HR and finance teams. Specifically, you will collaborate with mentors during the application review process and work closely with the Linux Foundation HR and finance teams to oversee the mentee acceptance process and stipend payments.

Mentor: As a mentor you will volunteer your time to work with mentees during the mentorship program. You will need to create a mentor profile to become a mentor on the CommunityBridge platform.

Mentee: You will need to create a mentee profile by completing become a mentee form in order to apply to the mentorship projects. As a mentee you will have an opportunity to contribute to an open source project while working under the guidance of an experienced mentor who's an active contributor in the project and open-source community.

How does the program work?

First, a project administrator enrolls a project. Then, mentors and mentees participate as shown in the following high-level diagram: