Identity and Affiliation Management

  • Only Project Administrators can manage affiliations of contributors for their projects.

  • Contributors who are not affiliated with any organization are counted as Unknown for Insight dashboard visualizations at organization level contribution.

When contributors are relevant for CommunityBridge Insights analysis, affiliating all the identities that the person uses is important. Affiliation Management manages different identities, such as email address and username for each contributor to a project data source. Each contributor's profile has personal details, and identity and organization affiliations when available. If a profile does not have an affiliation with an identity or organization, its contributions are not counted in various INSIGHTS dashboards. To address this problem, Affiliation Management manages contributor identities including capabilities for merging identities and other data related to them such as affiliation to organizations. Affiliation Management identifies missing affiliations and helps you address them too. This way, an analysis has a correct count of contributors in your projects—statistics are accurate because individual contributions are not underestimated.

You must request and be granted access to use Affiliation Management.

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