Filtering Data

INSIGHTS aggregates data and creates comprehensive dashboards from specific data sources. Dashboards include relevant visualizations that display analytic metrics and important data points. You can select and open a dashboard from drop-down lists corresponding to each data source.

A drop-down list is only available when a related data source is available.

Follow these steps:

1. From a project overview page, click a data source, for example Pull Requests / Changesets.

2. Select a dashboard from the drop-down list: The selected dashboard appears and shows relevant visualizations.

Pull Requests or Changestes

3. On a selected dashboard, navigate to the Filter visualization, select values from the drop-down lists, and click Apply Changes to filter the dashboard data.

  • Apply changes: Filters the dashboard as per selected values

  • Cancel changes: If there are filter values selected before, it shows the previously selected filter values in the respective drop-down fields. If there are no filter values selected before, it cancels the present values.

  • Clear from: It clears all the filter values, and lets you add new values in the respective drop-down fields.

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